What is Healthy Ideas?

SA Health is committed to protecting and improving the health of all South Australians by providing leadership in health reform, public health services, health and medical research, policy development and planning, with an increased focus on wellbeing, illness prevention, early intervention, and quality care.


Healthy Ideas was established to encourage innovation and novel solutions in relation to technology, products and services and supply chain networks that can achieve a mutually beneficial way of working, while also reducing our environmental impacts. Through running campaigns, we are hoping to build on engagement and partnership within the health sector.


We recognise the need to create new ways of collaborating and working together with you. We appreciate that great ideas come from a range of sources, from different perspectives, and in varied ways. These might be complete concepts, which have been tested and used in other jurisdictions or new ideas and concepts, where you are looking for a platform to trial and test our appetite.


Please be aware that SA Health and Suppliers still need to maintain compliance with SA Government Procurement policies and responding to tender processes for goods and services.


The Healthy Ideas portal, on the other hand, aims to feature creative and original concepts that could potentially transform the future healthcare landscape. If you have an innovative idea or novel solution, we invite you to participate in our campaigns by submitting your proposal here: https://healthyideas.sahealth.sa.gov.au/


For open tenders refer to https://www.tenders.sa.gov.au/ website. For more information on Healthy Ideas contact the Strategic Engagement Team at email: Health.PSCMEngagement@sa.gov.au